September 23, 2021

Android 12: See If Your Device Is In The List Of Beta Version!

At the developer conference I / O 2021, Google officially presented Android 12. The final release of the latest version is expected in late summer. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can get Android 12 in the form of beta on your smartphone. In addition to Google’s Pixel phones, smartphones from Xiaomi, Vivo, or OnePlus are also supported. However, there is no well-known name.

In addition to new functions, the main focus of Android 12 is a revised look: “Material You”, the new design language from Google, should make the appearance of the mobile operating system more personal and give Android 12 a fresh look. Until the final release, which is expected again in late summer, Android 12 is going through several beta phases. But not only owners of a current Google Pixel can get the first beta version on their smartphone.

These Smartphones Will Receive The First Beta Version Of Android 12

On the developer side, Google names a total of 11 manufacturers for whom a beta version of Android 12 is currently available. These include well-known manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Vivo, or OnePlus, as well as less well-known manufacturers such as Tecno in our part of the world. Below is the list of smartphones that MobiFlip says will participate in the Android 12 beta program:

Asus: Zenfone 8
Google : Pixel 3 (XL), Pixel 3a (XL), Pixel 4 (XL), Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5
Oppo: Find X3 Pro
OnePlus: 9, 9 Pro
Realme: GT
TCL: 20 Pro 5G
Vivo: iQOO 7
Xiaomi : Mi 11, Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11X Pro
ZTE: Axon 30 Ultra

Some manufacturer sites are not yet online, for example from Realme. The smartphone brand has already announced in a press release that the Realme GT will receive the first beta version of Android 12.

What about Samsung?

At least one well-known name is missing, however: Samsung. The world’s largest smartphone manufacturer has not yet participated in the Android 12 beta program. This is not surprising, after all, Samsung gives Android a very unique look with its one-UI user interface and otherwise interferes heavily with the operating system. Participation in the beta program would therefore make no sense. After all, the South Koreans are now relying on the newly developed Wear for their smartwatches.