August 5, 2021

Apple Watch 7 Will Be Different! Here’s How

If the iPhone manufacturer adheres to the plan, the Apple Watch 7 will be on display in autumn. The smartwatch should be different this time and not just convince future customers with new “innards”. Apple’s new color choice is also hopeful.

The design of the Apple Watch hasn’t changed much since it was originally launched in 2015. The last adjustment was made three years ago with the Apple Watch Series 4, at that time the displays increased in size, but the general shape was retained.

Apple Watch 7: Apple Shows The Edge With The Smartwatch

With the Apple Watch Series 7, the next design adjustment is due in autumn 2021, the well-known Apple insider Jon Prosser is currently informing. In the current edition of the “Genius Bar” podcast, he shares his current level of knowledge with the public. Accordingly, we can expect a flat, angular design from the Apple Watch Series 7, similar to what we already know from the iPhone 12, iPad Pro, and iPad Air. However, this flat-edged design should turn out less brutal, Prosser speaks of a rather “subtle” implementation of the new design language.

There have been assumptions about the adaptation of the new design for months, but so far only been implemented by various concept artists. With Prosser’s new statement, the hope of an actual change in the shape of the smartwatch is given new fodder. Incidentally, Prosser is not the only expert who predicts a new design. The well-informed Ming-Chi Kuo already commented on this in September last year, but without being specific.

Green Hope

But not only the shape should experience a change, but customers can also adjust to new options when it comes to colors. Apple is said to have a new variant in green tint in preparation. This color should be subtly worked out, as we already see with the AirPods Max, for example. In our opinion, this seems plausible. Colors are playing an increasingly important role at Apple, as can be seen not only from the immense selection of the new iMac 2021. Even before that, the iPad Air 4 and the AirPods Max, along with the iPhones, anticipated this logical step.